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Alfred E. Tiefenbacher founded AET in 1963 after working in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years and serving on the board of the German-based company, Boehringer Ingelheim.

Our success story started out with the procurement of APIs for the German and Austrian pharmaceutical markets. Nowadays, the distribution of APIs throughout Europe is managed by TIEFENBACHER API + Ingredients GmbH & Co. KG, which demerged from AET in 2015.

We have shown an outstanding track record in anticipating new developments as well as launching new businesses. For example, we entered the generic drug development of finished dosage forms in 1995 and evolved into a worldwide valued partner for the national and international pharmaceutical industry.

AET further enhanced its value proposition by opening its very own galenic development site, AET Labs in Hyerabad, India, in 2003.  Here, around 150 skilled scientists and technicians develop generics products – enabling AET to provide an even better service to its valued customers.

In 2009, AET acquired Delorbis Pharmaceuticals in Cyprus, which is not only serving as a highly flexible contract manufacturing site (CMO) but is also a well-known generic brand for pharmaceutical products with direct access to emerging markets.

Today, AET’s proud team consists of more than 450 talents from around the world located in Germany, India, Cyprus, Malta, and China. Our team combines highest pharmeceutical expertise with Alfred’s entrepreneur spirit.

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